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KUN - The Little Brand That Could

In a category that already had 2 'national milk giants' and a plethora of established international brands, one little known Vietnamese milk brand would burst onto the scene in 2015 and change the category forever. It's name was KUN, and below is our short recap of how this brand came to lead the market.

New Malt Comp.png

KUN - A Super Collaboration

The brief came with a brand strategy that was as bold as it was daunting -

To 'break-thru' the Coco Malt segment (held by 2 international brands) via an Original Cartoon franchise.

The challenge would spur a unique collaboration between lead Communication agency (JWT), Wildfire as the Brand consultancy and Character illustrators to bring the entire KUN brand to life.

Working with preliminary character sketches, we immediately laid out a Pack Architecture strategy that would present KUN as a Character & Story driven brand rather than product & benefit driven. (an approach not seen in Vietnam at the time). The Concept of 'The Toy Box' was born.


The Results

KUN received overwhelming response within just 3 months of launch and by the year's end would see them lead the kids milk segment, dethroning two international brands. With a full-scale communication campaign that included TVCs, Cartoon Series, Comic Books, Toys & Merchandise, KUN truly exceeded all expectations.


A Flying Launch

For a brand that was given little chance to succeed, KUN took the market by storm via a Super-Farmer family franchise that lasts till today. Enjoy the launch TVC below.

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