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Vinatea - Evolving Tradition

While the Coffee category rapidly modernized to meet the new generation of upwardly mobile audience, Vietnamese Tea image stagnated; with most brands satisfied to build on Tea's functional benefits rather than inspire a with deeper, more engaging stories.

Enter Vinatea - A brand ready to evolve tradition.

Uncovering The Concept

"100 year old tea trees located on hilltops that were so tall, that experienced tea harvesters needed ladders to climb to pick the best leaves,"  - These were just some of the profound stories we discovered from Vinatea's Premium Range - and it was time to bring them to the forefront for a new generation of audiences to enjoy.


The Stories

Shan Tuyet Tea - Inspired by the Hmong Tribe - one of Vietnam's most colorful ethnic communities that have long cultivated these green teas.

Bach Tra Century Tea -  In the North Highlands of Vietnam, lay Tea trees that are over a century old and only cultivated at above 1,200 meters.

Oolong Tea - Dubbed the 'Black dragon tea', Vietnamese Oolong had a distinctively redder tone, inspiring our own version of  'Red Dragon'.  

Sencha Green Tea -  We chose Mount Fuji, Red Sun and Cherry Blossoms as an ode to this tea of Japanese origin.

The Design

We crafted a Pack Architecture that allowed visually rich tea stories to wrap around the metal tea can format while controlling the Brand Logo and pack information in an organized, clear and distinctive band.

Each variant was defined a distinctive color palate that matched with the story of each variant.

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