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Sedure Perfumed Shower Gel 

Chances are, you already use a body-care brand you are proudly loyal to. So, how do we craft a new brand that can appeal to a wide cross-section of modern-day young adult women - This, is the challenge of Sedure's perfumed shower gel range, a concept exercise that while never launched, was an exciting journey.

Showering Seduction

Each and every woman is unique, but one common theme surfaces when it comes to taking care of their physical well-being - Confidence. Confidence in her physical and emotional health & hygiene, in expressing herself in an elegant, alluring and yes, even seductive manner. So in exploring the story of Sedure (derived 'Seduction' ), we wanted Sedure to be the 'conduit' to a woman's confidence, enabling her to express her seductiveness via Sedure's perfumed shower gel range. 

The Shape, Colors & Styles of Sedure.

Bottle Form & Function: Voluptuous & Curved to fit firmly in the palm, yet presents a full-bodied product that is velvety smooth to the touch. Color Palate: White neutral tones set against a timeless mauve with highlights of fragrance flowers in pastel tones with champagne gold trimmings. A unique color palate that set itself apart from the plethora of white, blue and green brands in the market, yet so memorable and never goes out of style. Layout: Minimal style with vertical Sedure logo to maximize the brand's introduction to market. Juxtaposed with minimal typeface usage to keep a clean image that can fit in any woman's shower room elegantly. Printing: With text and icons printed directly onto the bottle, it allows for a more elegant finish devoid of any 'sticker labels'. 

New BottleF&B-Exotic.png
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