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Anka - Baby Formula

At the peak of an artificial milk scandal from imported brands, one Vietnamese brand decided it was time to give mothers and their growing babies a quality milk formula they could trust.

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A Mother's Love

From milk sourced at a world renowned provider (Kerrys), scientifically proven formulations to EU Standard Gold certification, Anka had many qualities to be proud of, but when it came to the  identity, we believed it should focus on the heart - In this case a mother's love for her baby. We decided to express this on the logo via the symbolic imagery of 'mother cuddling baby' represented by the 2 petal shapes held within the letter 'K' of ANKA.

White Table

Meet 'Ankie' -

The Baby Elephant.

Next, a visual symbol was required to help mothers discern each product stage from a distance. It was also crucial to set ourselves apart from 'the Giraffe' which was used by many brands.

'Ankie - The Baby Elephant' was chosen as it carried the perfect (symbolic) qualities of good growth, cute features, along with other qualities such as actionable limbs and color tone. The result was a mascot the brand could truly own and mothers love.


Pack Architecture

for Gold Grow

Anka's 'Gold Grow' Formula Pack Architecture had to  balance 2 seemingly opposing visual styles - Scientifically proven formula with a 'child friendly' image - all within an  organized, clean and differentiated framework. From a ladder band symbolizing growth that features key  nutrition ingredients to a color palate that clearly identifies stages 1 to 4, to sub-brand name and mascot that expresses the benefits of good growth, all elements were carefully laid out to ensure clarity for mothers. 

4 Products,

1 United Brand.

The final results demonstrate a unified system that is as clear for the brand's identity as it is for each product stage.

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